The Ultimate Transformation 90 Day Mind-Body Intensive

The Ultimate Transformation 90 Day Mind-Body Intensive

Without three critical ingredients, we stay in the same patterns and repeat the same old behaviors that keep us stuck. Some of us do really well for a little while. We get some new information, renew our commitment to follow through, take consistent action for a week or two. we convince ourselves that "this time it's going to be different" and then, what happens? Our motivation fizzles out, we fall off track. How many people know WHAT to do, but don't always do it? Yeah, most of us. That's because knowing isn't enough. It's not what motivates us to action.

We are suffering from a high fact diet. We’ve got a lot of theory, but we’re not putting it into practice. The 3 key ingredients that bring this all together are The Right SYSTEM, SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY.

The RIGHT SYSTEM means the right steps in the right order.

The RIGHT SUPPORT means someone to help encourage you when you’re feeling stuck.

The RIGHT ACCOUNTABILITY is a kick in the butt when you’re falling off track. Most of us know what to do, we just don’t always do it.

We've got information. You don't need more information. What we DO need to “make this time different” is someone to encourage our progress, and someone to kick us in the butt when we make poor choices.”

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